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Our bespoke work is created in partnership with you and will provide you with a physical manifestation of your personal memory or just an ode to your individuality. 



Le Ster understands the importance of client relations and provides a definitive one-on-one service, working closely with you to develop unique and timeless pieces.

Our aim is to celebrate your personal style by creating a design that encapsulates your character as well as evoking the image you wish to project within your life and style.

The Le Ster bespoke service is a wonderful personal gift to mark a special occasion or moment in time.

Whether you are looking for something special for yourself or someone close to you we will bring together our unique skill and understanding to ensure we provide you with a memory that will last a lifetime.

Perhaps you have a much loved piece that you no longer wear, Le Ster can remodel these memories for you into a more modern and up to date item, more suited to your evolving tastes. 

 “Jewellery is intensely personal. The pieces I design act as little catalysts to celebrate personal perceptions, thoughts and observations - often overlooked in todays plugged-in society.”



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We begin with an informal one-on-one meeting to explore your interests and what you want to say or represent. With in-depth conversation, we will discuss your metals and stones as well as the overall image you wish to convey. Perhaps you have already bought the desired stones, or have the jewellery you would like to remodel, or perhaps you want to start from the very beginning constructing an entirely new piece all together.

We compile personalized mood-boards and sketches, which in turn are distilled into three designs. These designs are triggers for you to discuss more specific requirements and can be altered and tweaked to your satisfaction.

Depending on the composition of the design you will then be able to focus on the gemstones you wish to include in the final piece. 



Some  Le Ster pieces are made entirely in-house, whereas some designs need specific, specialist skills to bring them to life.

Le Ster prides itself on having excellent connections in the creative sector as well as an extensive network of craftsmen specialising in goldsmithing, lapidary and stone setting. This ensures all of our pieces are created to the highest of standards.

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Your piece

Upon completion your bespoke piece will be stamped by the Assay Office and delicately encased in our signature luxury packaging.

Le Ster also offer an optional extension to the customization whereby a personalised book is given chronicling the story of your piece’s creation – the brief, the drawings and some behind the scenes photographs are bound by our experts. 



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