Meet the artist: Liane Lang

At LeSter Jewellery - we want to celebrate real women doing amazing things, but of course who still like putting a piece of jewellery on that they love.

This month we have the pleasure of introducing you to the artist Liane Lang.  She has exhibited widely both in the UK and abroad and her work is held in a number of notable collections. 

Many of Lang’s works examine museum objects and the biographies they attempt to narrate, modes of display and the verisimilitude of art objects, particularly figurative sculptures and political monuments. Recent projects have included residencies in Hungary and Latvia, where the artist used photography and animation to stage interventions with monuments from the Socialist era.

We admire her for her playfulness with materials and imaginative use of stories, nothing is quite what it seems, and leaves you wanting to go back to her work time and time again. Check out her website 



Aishleen Lester