How to Stand Out when you Feel like you Need to Conform.

Le Ster Jewellery Aishleen Lester Kate Enters

Light through Grey

Imagine a world where everything was grey, where one person dressed the same as the other, a world where individuality was lost, the world would become so dull!

Do you feel that you need to conform in the way you dress in your professional life? Do you feel that wearing a navy blue, black or grey suit becomes a kind of uniform that you are expected to wear? If the answer is yes, you are the women we had in mind when we were designing the collection "Light through the Grey." We love colour and we wanted you to be able to wear a splash of it, but still feel sophisticated.

When you open the door to a meeting that you think might be difficult, we want to remind you that you light up the skies.

Aishleen Lester