Do you own a piece of jewellery you no longer wear?

If the answer is YES, here are some ideas.

Are you left with one earring having lost the other? Or inherited a piece that is not in keeping with your style, and you are wondering what you can do with it?


 The first question I always ask, does the piece hold memories? Is it important for you to keep it? If it is not, the simplest answer might be to sell it, and I will recommend different selling avenues in another post. However, if its history, meaning and memory is something you hold dear, then there are many ways we can transform it.


An obvious question to ask, is why you no longer wear it? If it is a ring, is it because it no longer fits, or have the stones become loose? Have you lost an earring from a pair? Or is it that the look and feel of the piece doesn't quite fit your style or taste and therefore you never choose to wear it? In other words, do you want to keep the overall design or start afresh?

IF YOU LOVE THE PIECE, but it no longer fits.

I would recommend you talking to a goldsmith. They are experts in resizing rings and repairing pieces of jewellery. If the piece contains stones, there will be additional considerations. It tends to be easier for a goldsmith to work with diamonds, since they can withstand the heat involved in the soldering process. Most coloured gemstones cannot have heat applied to them as heat changes their properties; the colour, transparency and in some cases the stones can crack. Therefore the goldsmith will have to remove the coloured gem stones, before working on the piece.

IF YOU LOVE THE PIECE, but you have lost part of it.

If you have lost an earring, but you love the design, you could choose to commission a goldsmith to make a replica of the existing earring. If you bought the piece from a modern jeweller, who is still practising, I would suggest you contact them first to make the piece as they have all the knowledge of how it was made in the first place.  However if the piece is an older design, a good goldsmith should be able to match the metal work, and choose stones very similar to the original. Allowing you to be able to enjoying wearing them again.

IF YOU LOVE THE MEMORIES, but you want the design to suit you.

If you decide that the design is not to your taste, it is possible to take all the elements apart and completely redesign the piece. This is an exciting process as you can choose to emphasise the memory or qualities you want to bring out, and have something that is uniquely your own whilst still maintaining the history. 

If you would like to explore this process further, give us a call as we would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

Aishleen Lester