Real Women For Le Ster | Artist and Founder of ArtCan | Kate Enters

Kate Enters, artist and founder of ArtCan Organisation.

Kate Enters, artist and founder of ArtCan Organisation.

This summer, Le Ster is running a new campaign featuring real women and their success stories. We will also be taking a peek into the lives of these women and their fantastic careers.

On a beautiful sunny day in North London Le ster was welcomed into the home of Kate Enters, artist and founding director of ArtCan. Over coffee, we introduced Kate to the ‘Light Through the Grey’ collection as she told us a little more about her unique organization.


Using her background in public relations and event management, Kate created ArtCan; a non-profit arts organisation that supports artists through profile-raising activities and exhibitions.  The organization is an ever-growing open network of ‘likeminded’ artists that provides ongoing practical support structures to help artists develop their careers. Kate believes that artists need time to establish their practice and aims to complement and support established gallery structures by enabling emerging talent to gain experience and attract buyers. The organization takes no commission from exhibition sales allowing artists to put much needed funds back into developing their work. By creating exhibition opportunities, artists are empowered and ultimately their work progresses and opportunities arise.

ArtCan has also facilitated the development of Kate’s curating ambitions and writer voice. Kate loves writing about art and is always keen to champion the talent she comes across. Her work is regularly published in the Wall Street International and she is also the editor at large of STATE magazine.

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Photography by Sophie Skipper.