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Our Story

LeSter Jewellery - A celebration of individuality. 


Creating beauty through the lens of the past


Our story

Founder of Le Ster jewellery and designer of ‘The Light Through The Grey’ collection, Aishleen Lester hails from an artistic background having studied at The Royal Academy of Arts.

Her early career as a sculptural installation artist saw her create larges scale pieces for private collections and led to her to work with internationally renowned galleries such as The Riflemaker Gallery in London’s Soho and Nyehouse in New York.

Keen to make work on a different scale Aishleen subsequently immersed herself into the world of jewellery and has since created a loyal network of craftspeople.

"The field of jewellery has given me the opportunity to combine my knowledge of art and love of traditional craftsmanship. I find great joy in the prospect that these miniature pieces hold a personal message and become part of your everyday life."

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